Ukraine war: Russia accuses the collapse of the Kursk bridge into “sabotage”

On the telegram, Kursk Governor Román Starovoit said the partial destruction of the railway bridge “was sabotage”, although he did not identify the perpetrator, and said he was being investigated by “country experts”. forces and security forces. “

The iron bridge was used only for freight transport and no injuries were reported.

In his telegram account, which was quoted by the EFE agency, Róman Starovoit revealed today that a border post in the Kursk region had been subjected to new grenade launches from Ukraine.

The Kursk region in southeastern Russia, bordering the Sumy region of Ukraine, has had an alert level for the yellow terrorist threat since 11 April.

Russia launched a military offensive in Ukraine on February 24, killing some 3,000 civilians, according to the UN, warning that the actual number is likely to be much higher.

The military offensive led to the escape of more than 12 million people, more than 5.4 million of whom were out of the country, according to the latest UN data.

The international community generally condemned the Russian attack, which responded by sending weapons to Ukraine and strengthening economic and political sanctions on Moscow.

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