Who will be the first to be separated from the “Final Challenge”? There are “surprises”

The doors of the Big Brother – Final Challenge will open for the first time since last Sunday’s premiere to get the first contestant out of this series to get out.

Four candidates are in danger of giving up TVI’s reality program: António Bravo, Débora Neves, Francisco Macau and Gonçalo Quinaz, and there are “surprises”.

If Gonçalo Quinaz was the most voted competitor at the beginning of the week (by a wide margin), Débora Neves “approached” the danger line and now looks closer to the CMTV commentator in the top positions. So, Francisco Macao has the least votes, only 3.3 percent. it follows Antonio Bravo By 22% Débora Neves 34.8 percent and in first place Gonçalo Quinaz 40 percent.


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