505 Games will announce a digital event on May 17th

505 Games has just announced that it will be giving a presentation on its upcoming releases soon. This is the first time the company has organized a digital “showcase” in this style and promises “exciting announcements” during the broadcast.

The event will be held next Tuesday, May 17 at 10 a.m. (Brazilian time). The submission has already been prepared on YouTube, so you can set a reminder in your account if you are interested.

The company hasn’t given any clues as to what we might see in the show, and it’s a little hard to speculate what might happen. 505 Games produces and distributes a variety of games around the world, including as a distributor on PC games that already have other producers on consoles – such as e.g. Death Strandingfor example.

In a message on the official website, the company promises updates to previously announced games and a “surprise or two along the way”. Fans ghostrunner it might be worth following the event, as a sequel to the game has been confirmed, but nothing has been presented yet – it could be a good opportunity to change that.

Besides ghostrunnerone of the latest releases produced by 505 Games was Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising, so the event is a good opportunity to talk about the game. Even more so if we consider that the game acts as a prologue Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroeswhich will arrive next year.

Other games that have already been announced and not yet released include Serial cleaners and Stray Blade.

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