Azovstal. Army asks Elon Musk, a creature from another planet, to help Ukrainians get out of the factory – Observer

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The petition was made on social media and e.g. The Army created a Twitter account to ask billionaire Elon Musk for help. Serhi Volyna, commander of the 36th Marine Brigade, called for help to get the Ukrainians out of the Azovstal industrial complex – the last fortress of the Ukrainian resistance in Mariupol, a city occupied by the Russians.

“People say he’s coming from another planet to teach others to believe the impossible,” the soldier wrote on Twitter, in a company Elon Musk is trying to buy. “Our planets are close together because I live where it is almost impossible to survive. Help us move from Azovstal to a broker country. If not you, then who? “

The soldier also asked “everyone on planet Earth” to help him take the message to Musk. So far, the multimillionaire has not responded to the complaint.

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