BALL – Amorim wins against Jorge Jesus (athletic)

With Santa Clara, you can win the league for the 27th time and add 85 points that were worth the title in 2020/2021. “Top 5” on the verge

Next Saturday, Sporting will say goodbye to the 2021/2022 season and in front of fans. In a season that won two titles (Supercup and League Cup) and advanced directly to the Champions League, the game against Santa Clara could be worth another historic record for Rúben Amorim. If he wins, the sports coach will achieve his 27th victory in the league, which is the best record ever for Jorge Jesus in the 2015/2016 season, where the lions also fought all the way to the national championship, finishing second, for example, this time.

And oddly enough, plus one more than the year Sporting was crowned champion – in the 2020/2021 season, Sporting added 26 wins, 7 draws and just one loss in 34 rounds; this season in 33 league games they have the same 26 wins, they have fewer draws (only 4) but more losses (3).

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