BALL – Ricardo Horta wants Benfica

Solitaire game. Benfica and SC Braga have talked in recent hours about the eagles ’desire to bring back a player who practiced there until they were under 17 years old.

Ricardo Horta, 27, who has been with Arsenalists since 2017, is one of the men Benfica hoped SAD would incarnate as a pillar of a new project led by Rui Costa and Rui Pedro Brazi. To Roger Schmidt, the coach who will officially become the new helmsman for Luz next week.

Bragans have been aware of the interest in Benfica for a few weeks – António Salvador, President of SC Braga, and Rui Costa, Director of Benfica, have already spoken – and if at an early stage Salvador referred to the lower, but still far from what each ID understands to be acceptable to the business. There are no big openings coming on the Minho side to cut the 15 million euros, an amount that was on the table a year ago for going abroad. On the red side, the goal is to lower that value by incorporating into the business the assists of winger Gil Dias and right-wing João Ferreira, players who please the arsenal structure.

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