BALL – Rui Costa went to the Lisbon Chamber with the women’s team and left a warning to the President (Benfica)

Rui Costa was present at the reception of the Benfca women’s football team at Lisbon City Council on Thursday. Remember, the Eagles won the national championship last Sunday with a victory against Sporting (3-1).

In his usual speech, Rui Costa thanked Carlos Moedas and warned the mayor.

“I thank the mayor of Lisbon for this reception. This is the second time we have been here in a week and I promise there will be more. You have to take it with you many more times, that is our goal,” he said.

Finally, Rui Costa also praised the women’s team.

“We won a decisive game at Estádio da Luz against rival Sporting, where we also broke the official record for official games. This shows how important we want to give to sports. To these girls who are here, I say you have what I want for Benfica: a team with ambition, quality and profits “, he decided.

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