BALL – Vimaranens take Rochinha case to league and government (Vitória de Guimarães)

The President of Vitória de Guimarães promises to take forward a proposal to change the disciplinary rules of the league so that the penalty framework is extended whenever it is proven that athletes have been injured in stadiums.

In the Boavista game, António Miguel Cardoso leaves Rochinha, who is the subject of verbal abuse, calling for a “review of the rules applicable to public behavior in sports programs”, hoping that it could create a “better definition of what constitutes inappropriate behavior”. , xenophobic racists or others “, he points out, and are intended to” increase the applicable sanctions “.

“It is unfortunate what has happened to Rochinha since he signed to Vitória. It has been the subject of verbal attacks affecting the man and the athlete. We are outraged by what has happened and believe the regulation should be changed. .

In public statements, António Miguel Cardoso also deplored the content of the League spokesman’s report on the Boavista game at the Estádio do Bessa last Friday. “He was soft on what happened in his words. It is essential that the institutions pay attention to these situations so that this does not happen again,” the correction explained.

Finally, for a player who has also represented a checkered logo, the Victorian president left a word of support and consolation. “Rochinha is stronger than all this. But we need to protect her. I hope these priorities don’t happen again,” the director concludes.

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