Battle League comes your way

Get ready for unlimited action on the field in Mario Strikers: Battle League! The game will be released for Nintendo Switch consoles on June 10 and features a Strike game – a five-to-five sport that encourages chaos and where everyone wins. It’s like football… if football had an electrified fence and no rules.

Learn more about the details of the game, including all the ways to kick, pass the ball and face your opponent together until you win! Celebrate Strike all over the continent.

In Mario Strikers: Battle League, you’ll find stamped Mushroom Kingdom stickers like Mario, Peach, Donkey Kong and Toad, and you can play locally * with up to eight people or enter the tournament online. Use team markings to help a teammate progress on the field or get in the way of opponents.

Or grab a ball to try to trigger a super kick to get two points. There are no mistakes in Strike – so you can make another team hope they never cross your path!

Rules may not exist, but protection is essential. While it’s easy to learn and play, players can adopt advanced strategies using cool devices that increase their stats, which vary between characters, including improvements in speed and shooting skills to improve their chances of scoring or increase their strength to resist attacks. Each character also has their own Striker style.

With your boots on, assemble your friends for Club Strikers, exclusively online! In this mode, you can create your own club with up to 20 players or join an existing club and then compete against other teams to earn points and rise in the rankings each season.

After each match, the team owners will also receive items to customize the club’s costumes and stadium! That’s enough to make Yoshi’s little feet flutter!

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