Benfica: Umaro Embaló dispensado | MAIS FOOTBALL

Umaro Embaló, avançado de 21 anos da equipa B, foi dispensado do Benfica.

The communication concerning the application of Catio Baldé, which is based on the information provided by Rui Pedro in the case of the Beneficiary of the Community, is also authorized by the Athlete.

Catio Baldé is responsible for the decommissioning of the contract, which is guaranteed by the contractor.

«El lamentável a gestão feita no Benfica com o Umaro Embaló. This proposal does not apply to the deferral of the euro for the period from 1 January 2016 to 20 million euros for Leipzig, the Alemanha, but which does not constitute an exploratory response to the explicit provision. »

For the purposes of this Agreement, the Republic of Southampton shall have the right to enter into a contract with the Central Bank of the Republic of South Africa, which shall bear the guarantee of 50% of the shares in the case of Umaro Embaló For the purposes of this Regulation, the transfer shall be carried out in accordance with the requirements of this Regulation “.

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