Bernardo Sousa guarantees that he will introduce Bruna to his ex-girlfriend. But does Deborah Binhote want to meet a Brazilian rival? – National

Bernardo Sousa came to the second edition “Big Brother Famous.” In this edition Madeira won the championship and took home the prize. when he stepped in reality tv showThe rally driver had just divorced from the relationship Deborah Binhote.

Despite a fragile heart, rally driver gave love a new chance and won the heart Bruna Gomesfor which he eagerly awaits brazilian influencer is currently involved “Big Brother – The Last Challenge.”

entry Madeira at Malveira House already bears fruit. Since leaving the country’s most guarded house, several opportunities have emerged in the man’s life Winner of Big Brother Famous 2.

In addition to public recognition, a documentary in which Cristina Ferreira, special participation in the soap opera TVI “Rua das Flores” and an invitation to be Visiting reporter the program “We are Portugal.”

But like everything in life, not everything is fine. recently rally driver received harsh criticism for his relationship with his ex-girlfriend Deborah Binhote. To clarify the whole situation and end the matter Madeira resorted to social media where he revealed the object.

Bernardo Sousa’s ex-girlfriend accuses the pilot of false love promises

We’ve lived for two years, so it’s normal for these things to be common. Things have been resolved, as I told Bruna in the program, Deborah works in the same office as me, so stop this useless anger, it is very ugly to spread anger on the Internet“, he said Bernardo Sousa in a story published in Instagram.

The rally driver also made it clear that he would introduce Bruna Gomes to his ex-girlfriend. As soon as Bruna leaves, she meets Deborah and knows everything. Apparently I talk to Bruna’s family all the time, they know it too, so don’t come up with little stories and make trouble where she doesn’t exist. Give more love instead of anger“, made it clear Madeira.

remember it at the beginning, Deborah you hinted which supported a hypothetical relationship between its former partner and Bruna Gomes, but quickly hinted that this “promised love” he did not fulfill. And recently, he turned to a Brazilian song to define his emotional state.

“To be honest, is a Brazilian song that defines me right nowwrote in his Instagram story and then added the words to Arnaldo Antunes’ Socorro theme: “Help, I don’t feel anything, I don’t feel fear, I don’t feel heat or fire, I can’t cry or laugh. I don’t feel love or pain anymore, I don’t feel anything anymore.” Because of all this is Deborah Binhote available to meet Bruna Gomes?

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