Bernardo Sousa introduces his ex-girlfriend Bruna Gomes: “You know everything …”

Bernardo Sousa has lived through intense days since he became the winner of the country’s most watched house. The Madeiran pilot brought home the title of “champion” of “Big Brother,” but ended up leaving his heart to the “stolen” woman, Bruna Gomes, in Malveira.

His two-month media coverage earned the pilot public recognition and even his debut as an actor in TVI’s “Rua das Flores” soap opera. However, not everything is about roses, and Bernardo Sousa has had to face the dark side of fame, as he revealed yesterday.

After being “flooded” with hostile messages from his ex-girlfriend Deborah Binhote, the “Big Brother” salesman turned to social media to find out about the relationship and assured him that he would introduce his ex to his current girlfriend, Bruna Gomes.

We’ve lived for two years, so it’s normal for these things to be common. Things have been resolved, as I told Bruna in the program, Deborah works in the same office as me, so stop this useless anger, it is very ugly to spread anger on the Internet“, begins by explaining Bernardo Sousa.

The pilot later assured Bruna Gomes of the opportunity to meet her ex-girlfriend: “As soon as Bruna leaves, she meets Deborah and knows everything. Apparently I talk to Bruna’s family all the time, they know it too, so don’t come up with little stories and make trouble where she doesn’t exist. Give more love instead of anger“She is hot.

Already in his statements to Nova Gente, Bernardo Sousa had revealed: “I have already assured Bruna that I will introduce Débora to her, and when I was inside I told her that all things have been resolved between us, that I have already spoken and clarified everything. It’s important to me, the opinion of others I don’t need to know. “can be read.

“By the way, I went single, I didn’t have to settle for anyone. There is no more subject here. But he’s a person I appreciate and respect, of course. ” boat.

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