Call of Duty Warzone: Godzilla and Kong arrived in the game; see demo trailer

Modea with the film’s giants will be available until May 25th

Call of Duty Warzone has just gotten the most famous giant monsters in cinemas, Godzilla and kongthe characters arrive at the game event Operation Monarch and is now available within the game platforms Sony, Microsoft and no PRAÇA. Those interested can enjoy the giant monsters until May 25th.

way From Intel Operation Monarch attending an event brings games that use rules recoverywhere the goal is to be the last surviving team on the island Warzonethe mode supports up to 60 players and its special “detail” is the presence Godzilla and kong during the match, bringing new challenges to the matches.

See the trailer below Operation Monarch.

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This is indicated by a Twitter user leak

See below for more information on a new event shared by Daniel Noel give Activation.

  • Intel Monarch mode of operation

On the ground, players will find Monarch in Intel’s supply boxes, special items, and crashed enemies. Monarch Intel downloads a special meter that unlocks Killstreaks and Loadout Drops, for example, as well as a unique and powerful prize, Titan Killstreak, for full resource download.

Operators need to keep an eye on Kong and Godzilla as they gather data and destroy enemies. You will earn extra Monarch Intel rewards when you deal damage to any Titan.

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Kong and Godzilla can get furious and attack either at the beginning of an Operation Monarch match or at any time. This is known as the Titan Frenzy. After receiving an alert from Titan Frenzy, the operator has two options: withdraw strategically or try to suppress them by doing damage directly.

During Titan Frenzy, the team that does the most damage to Kong or Godzilla receives a special SCREAM from Monarch. The runners-up also deserve Monarch Intel, which is included in its special data meter, whose final prize is a device. YELL

The Titanic Device SCREAM (Titan Sonic Communication Radar and Echolocation Array Module) is a prototype developed by Monarch that enables communication between humans and ancient beings.

In Operation Monarch, the SCREAM Device is a Killstreak that gives the user one of two forces: Godzilla’s heat ray breathing or Kong’s Ground Punch and Stone Thrown.

You will experience the road Operation Monarch? Did you like the choice Godzilla and kong to perform at this event? Share your opinion in the comments!

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