“Cash or manual delivery”

Bernardina Brito will travel to Cape Verde soon and has decided to launch a “challenge” for her followers. This Wednesday afternoon, May 11, a former contestant from “Casa dos Segredos” shared a video in which he revealed he was ready to help the people of Cape Verde, namely the children.

Bernardina Brito said she brings clothes and toys that were for her children, but said one thing she would also like to supply is school supplies, which are very necessary.

“In that sense, I’m going to ask you for help. If anyone wants to help financially or wants to deliver it by hand so I can take it (…) I’d be very grateful.”started by saying.

“In case of financial help, I will leave here MB Way, where you can send, sometimes € 1 to help (…) if someone wants to help and does not have MB Waya, then you can put a private message if they want NIB who wants to deliver in hand , there is also this opportunity, put a message “added later.

Look now:

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