Do I need to refuel? It is in this area that fuel costs less

THE The Energy Services Regulatory Authority (ERSE) announced in a March fuel and liquefied gas market release that The Portalegre region had the cheapest diesel and petrol prices in Portugal.

Portalegre is the area with the cheapest fuel for road transport (petrol and diesel)In mainland Portugal “, can be read in the ERSE report.

On the opposite side, Prices in Faro, Bragança, Lisbon and Guarda were the highest.

Despite these regional variations, the difference in average prices per liter of road fuel in mainland Portugal was less than five cents per liter on both petrol and dieselstill according to the controller.

“In March, the difference between the national average price of plain petrol 95 and plain diesel and the average price in Portugal is generally higher in Faro, Bragança, Lisbon and Guarda. Évora, Porto and Viana do Castelo also have high prices compared to the national average,” he reads.

Regional variation of 95 petrol and regular diesel© ERSE

You hypermarkets continued to make the “most competitive bids” for road fuels, followed by operators in the “low cost” segment. For diesel, hypermarket prices per liter were about 9.6 cents below the national average PVP, while for petrol the difference was 8.5 cents.

The average selling price of simple petrol to the public rose by 7.6% in March compared to February to EUR 1.975 per liter and plain diesel by 11.3% to EUR 1.901, ERSE said.

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