Falling temperatures and low compliance with the vaccination campaign are a concern for municipal health in Foz – Jornal O Paraná

303 new cases of covid-19 last week, an increase in the number of patients with respiratory symptoms in first aid units (UPA) due to low temperatures, and low vaccination coverage for the three available vaccinations – influenza, measles and booster doses against Covid-19 – ignited the municipal health agency.

The fall in temperature was one of the factors driving up the figures in a press release issued on Wednesday afternoon (11). As a result, according to the analysis of epidemiological surveillance, the demand for health care devices from patients with respiratory symptoms increased, thereby increasing the number of Covid-19 tests.

The health agency’s concern is all the greater because only 56% of children, the largest population with respiratory disease, have received the first dose of coronavirus, and only 31.53% received both doses. For the influenza vaccine, only 12.1% of children aged six months and four years had been vaccinated.

The demand for vaccines available at all 29 primary health care units in the municipality is also low among other people. For the coronavirus immunizing agent, data on booster doses (third and fourth doses) are of concern. Only 53.7% of the adult population in Foz received the third dose; and 26.2% took the fourth dose.

There is also little demand for the flu vaccine, which is currently given to children aged 6 months and 4 years, the elderly over 60 years of age and healthcare workers. By this Thursday (December 12), 44.8% of the elderly had been vaccinated and 27.8% of health care workers.

Covid cases are on the rise

According to a report published by the Center for Health Monitoring CIEVS yesterday afternoon, the increase in covid cases in the last four weeks was 212 per cent.

According to CIEVS, the increase may also be related to the seasonality of the weather, which will increase the demand for respiratory symptoms for health services, as well as the long holidays recorded in recent weeks, which has led to an increase in human agglomerations. .

Despite the increase in cases, there was no increase in hospitalizations. “The failure to worsen coronavirus infections is due to the success of Foz do Iguaçu’s vaccination campaign, as we were largely caught up in the first and second doses, mainly,” says Jaqueline Tontini, the municipal health secretary.

“But we also need adherence to booster vaccinations to make sure we don’t have a new case. All UBS have vaccines available and don’t need an appointment,” he adds.


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