Four-meter-long, 180-pound giant trap caught from Cambodia – News

The freshwater stingray, threatened by overfishing, pollution and habitat loss, is a protected species and was returned to the water after being measured and weighed by researchers at the “Miracles of the Mekong” project. , present on site.

The animal was accidentally caught last week in Stung Treng province in northern Cambodia when it swallowed a smaller fish caught by fishermen.

The Mekong, one of the largest rivers in Asia, with a length of 4,350 kilometers, is home to the most important aquatic biodiversity after the Amazon, with more than 1,000 species of fish.

It’s full of “hidden and invisible ecosystems,” says Zeb Hogan, an American biologist at the University of Nevada and director of the U.S.-funded “Wonders of Mekong” project.

Dozens of dams built by Beijing on China and Laos and its tributaries threaten the Mekong and its fauna in Southeast Asia, vital to the survival of millions of people in Southeast Asia.

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