Google unveils smart glasses that can translate to other languages; The novelty was presented at a business event


Device confirmed last Wednesday (11)

(Photo by Chesnot / Getty Images) - A person wearing glasses.
(Photo by Chesnot / Getty Images) – A person wearing glasses.

Yesterday afternoon, Wednesday (11), Google hosted an event called “Google I / O”. During the event, the company took the opportunity to inform consumers about news, including services, mobile phones and the model smart glasses.

In 2013, the company launched its first spectacle model, Google Glass, which displayed information on a small screen, above the lens, and in an augmented reality environment. The device eventually “retired” two years later only served as a prototype.

Nine years later, in the new glass model, it is even possible for people to converse in different languages. According to a video presented by the company, the device has a simultaneous translator that translates the speech of others into text.

Additional information on device operation, hardware, software, and battery life has not yet been provided. Because the translation texts had to be edited to appear in the video, the product is not expected to be available any time soon. However, this is a step that could make other technology giants (such as Apple and Meta) compete for who launches smart glasses first.

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