“I didn’t want to go out like this …”

Tiago Jaqueta, a competitor in SIC’s “Casados ​​à Primeira Vista”, returned to the program and was joined by João, Uica and Bruno.

Uicãa, João, and Bruno invited Tiago Jaqueta to catch up and understand what had happened since the young man from Sesimbra left the program.

At some point in the conversation, John asks the young man: “Have you talked to him [Dina Guedes]? ”. Tiago Jacket answers: “Not often, but we’ve even talked to solve everything.”

Dulce’s groom sticks to the theme and asks: “But is he okay with you?”fired by a former competitor: “I’m honest. We’ve talked there three times in the last two weeks. We managed to talk calmly because we already had a certain shock (…) But deep down we just don’t want to stay in the environment that was left (…) We both left very badly.” .

Bruno reveals that all the competitors were shocked by what happened at the engagement ceremony where Tiago Jaqueta and Dina Guedes ended their marriage.

Competitors remembered some of Dina’s words, namely when she shot in front of everyone: “I didn’t make love, I had sex”. Tiago Jaqueta says the couple’s last conversation in front of experts “it was really ugly” and that in the following days he thought he did not enjoy the experience: “I didn’t want to go out that way.”

The young man reveals that he tried to talk to his ex-wife “In one section, ‘Do you want to go there, I apologize to everyone,'” However, Dina Guedes did not accept and recalled previous problems between the couple.

See the whole moment here.

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