“If I were at home watching my wife do what [ela] he does…”

After a difficult day at the house of the Big Brother – Desafio Final, Leandro expressed to Nuno Homem de Sá in the locker room and again expressed his discomfort with the way Gonçalo Quinaz has treated himself with less happy comments.

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Commenting on the commentator’s path in the program, the singer spared no criticism of the way Catarina Siqueira has “protected” Gonçalo Quinaz and pointed the finger at the actress in this regard: “Catarina has a habit of seeing because she is a golden boy. As a man, if I were at home watching my wife do what she does to a man, for God’s sake, I would turn the doll upside down. Anytime?!“.

If I didn’t have Catarina baby-sitter he, the poor, was hungry here. I always ate flakes with milk“continued the singer, who blatantly once again” broke “Gonçalo Quinazin:”And then he had to carry flip flops in his ass when he was a kid, many people were starving and he hoped he would get a little food he eats. It makes a big impression if he were hungry like me in my life, he would definitely not talk about it, eat it and be quiet“.

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