“If something happens to me, the person will be identified”

This Thursday, May 12, another “Manhã CM” was shown on CMTV. The program, led by Ágata Rodrigues and Duarte Siopa, was attended today by Sónia Costa, Filipa Castro, Adriano Silva Martins and Léo Caeiro, who expressed their views in the usual “News from the Famous” section.

Even before the first news, Filipa Castro decided to share with the public the situation he experienced yesterday when answering an anonymous call: “I replied, it was a call from Guimarães, a woman destroyed me, told me to go everywhere, said he was beating me, breaking my teeth, everything.”started by counting.

“I had the opportunity to record the call”

Filipa Castro revealed that the call was recorded and has already been delivered to the authorities, leaving a living “message”.

“I got to record the call, thank God and it’s already been handed over to the police, so I’m going to Guimarães, a country I really like and if something happens to me, the person will be identified.”

“I know where the call is coming from, but I don’t want to talk about it anymore”

The commentator said he was threatened and insulted, but he was still “calm”: “If my teeth break, I break lower, I have to fix them (…) I’m not afraid”he finally said.

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