“If you do, you’ll finally take the lead”

Carlos Rodrigues, Director of CMTV, advised Cristina Ferreira.

The director of CMTV believes that TVI is close to management, but it can only achieve it definitively if Cristina Ferreira implements one of her pieces of advice.

Cristina tries to trap Kukat Street putting Big brother in the last 15 minutes, before at 8 o’clock newspaper. That is not enough. The soap opera is too bad and is hurting a position that is getting closer and closer to SIC despite the flop. If TVI takes fast Kukat Street from 19 o’clock to finally reach the lead”commented on this week’s issue of TV Guia.

This month, TVI has five wins and SIC four. There are still records of the two draws. Read here: SIC wins again and says “present” in May battle

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