Ilhabela City Hall returns and corrects two deaths recorded by dengue fever

The municipality of Ilhabela returned and corrected the information that two deaths had occurred in the city due to dengue fever. The table was updated by the municipality of Sesau (Health Department) last Wednesday (11).

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According to the folder, the dead were recorded in January-March. While the victims were in their own hospitals, both underwent rapid tests for dengue fever and positive results.

A little later, the women, aged 42 and 76, were unable to resist and died.

Initially, the prefecture reported the cause of death as related to dengue fever. However, with additional tests, the hypothesis was rejected.

So far, Sesau has not stated what is the “new cause of death” associated with each case.

cases of the disease

There are currently 334 confirmed cases of dengue fever in Ilhabela in 2022.

Due to the large number of cases, the municipal government announces that it will intensify inspection measures in all parts of the city, especially in areas with a higher incidence of the disease.

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