Maria Cerqueira Gomes opens her heart: “I split, but I didn’t stop liking António”

mother of two children, Francisca19-year-old ja Joãowho will soon turn six, presenter Maria Cerqueira Gomes comments on their current love situation. The communicator, who has been separated from the child’s father since 2019, guarantees that he will not be available to return to the mood relationship.

In a podcast interview “in a caravan“, author Rita Ferro Alvim, the presenter assumed she had not stopped holding Antonio Miguel Cardosotalks about the transition process after the resignation, but claims to be living a “perfect and happy” phase.

In those years when I divorced and had no one in public, the truth is, I didn’t fall in love“, he began by referring to the presenter.”I left António and did not stop liking António. When this happens, it turns out to be more complicated.“he added, quoting the magazine Mary.

I am in a process that I think is natural. It’s good for me to assume that because I think it’s the most sensible and honest. I didn’t divorce because I stopped holding João’s father, it was because of the circumstances of life. There is a process and the processes last as long as they last“, said the communicator.

Maria Cerqueira Gomes also said she feels good about being single.I will only let in anyone who is going to add me and when I allow myself to do so. We have become demanding. I also have a sixth sense of it, I’m no longer cheated. I know exactly what I want and how I want it in terms of life, values ​​and principles“he concluded.

João, the presenter’s son with António Miguel Cardoso, was born in the summer of 2017. Maria Cerqueira Gomes is also Francisco’s mother from her previous relationship with motorist Gonçalo Gomes.

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