Marta Cruz responds to comments about her appearance and leaves a serious message

Marta Cruz appeared on thicker lips in photos shared by social networks, and was thought to have undergone an aesthetic intervention. For this reason, the 37-year-old former model was the subject of less supportive comments, and he did not lose the opportunity to react through social networks.

“I’ve received a lot of friend requests and messages from people who must have come here to see if I’m really better or worse than before. That’s great, welcome! But let’s make one thing clear: I’m almost 40 years old and I’ve always done what I wanted (unfortunately for my parents and apparently my lips)“, started by writing to Instagram stories, clarified that the measure he was taking was the result of hyaluronic acid he had been using for six years.

The bad news is that I will continue to do as I feel The good news is, I’m going to put two tomatoes on my forehead now. I’m going to look beautiful… in my eyes, of course, because it’s always me and me! ”Continued Carlos Cruz’s eldest daughter.

“Freedom to be what you want to be and how you want to be is a must and urgently respected. I’ve always learned that an opinion that isn’t asked isn’t given either, so let’s have more empathy for each other.“, he concluded before publishing another close-up of his lips in the stories.

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