Ministry of Health sets up room to monitor dengue fever, zika and Chikungunya – Portugal (Brazil)

This week, the Ministry of Health launched a Situation Room to monitor urban arboviruses: dengue, zika and Chikungunya. The aim of the initiative is to step up the monitoring, control and control of the disease-spreading mosquito Aedes aegypti. The measure should guide strategies to reduce the incidence of serious disease and prevent Deaths from Urban Arboviruses.

According to Arnaldo Medeiros, Secretary of Health Surveillance (SVS) in the Ministry of Health, the epidemiological situation of arboviruses in Brazil is being monitored in real time. “The arbovirus situation in the country shows us that we have a lot of work to do to change this scenario, especially dengue fever. In that sense, the ministry will start operating in a situation room to draw up an action plan,” he said.

Based on the work done in the situation room, a situation diagnosis is made, which provides guidelines for supervisors and technicians to make strategic decisions in the fight against arboviruses. Health information is analyzed periodically and published in newsletters on the Ministry of Health’s official channels.

For Cássio Peterka, coordinator of the department’s Arbovirus Surveillance, “the dengue monitoring panel will be a database that can be applied to future coordination routines by automating and activating surveillance.” In addition to epidemiological surveillance, technicians are vigilant in genomic surveillance of circulating arboviruses in Brazil.

Until May of this year, the Ministry of Health sent more than 40 million larval toxin tablets, 183 thousand liters of insecticide for space spraying (smoke) and 5 thousand kilograms of insecticide residues to strategic points to federal units to step up efforts to control mosquitoes that spread the disease.

To encourage Brazilians to take up the task, the Ministry of Health launched a campaign “Fight Mosquitoes Every Day” at the end of last year. The aim of the campaign is to inform and mobilize public leaders, health professionals and society as a whole about the importance of stepping up and maintaining efforts to eradicate outbreaks of the Aedes aegypti mosquito throughout the year.

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