Navigator seeks PRR with over 100 million investment – Indústria

Navigator Company has submitted five applications to the Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR) with an investment of more than 100 million euros, the group said in a statement on Thursday.

The group explains that the applications are in line with its corporate mission: “to create sustainable value, leaving a better planet for future generations through natural, recyclable and biodegradable sustainable products and solutions”.

The “From Fossil to Forest” agenda – sustainable packaging products to replace fossil plastics – is one of the initiatives the company is involved in.

The goal of the consortium, led by Navigator, is to “develop, patent, manufacture and commercialize innovative packaging solutions that replace existing fossil, or disposable, plastic packaging with renewable and biodegradable forest-based materials. Building a sustainable future,” the company explains.

The total budget for the project is EUR 118.6 million, the largest of which will be invested by Navigator and the Raiz – Instituto de Investigación da Floresta e Papel, for a total of EUR 93.2 million, which is 79% of the Green Agenda for Business Innovation budget.

According to the group, the Agenda “From Fossil to Forest” anticipates the creation of 102 new jobs, 49 of which are highly educated.

As part of this project, Navigator adds that it has brought together a wide range of 27 national partners, including 16 companies and 11 universities and research centers, covering the entire value chain from raw material to final product.

“The project will improve and provide new applications for an important national endogenous resource – the forest – and exploit Portugal’s recognized scientific and technological potential in this field,” says the group, adding that 17 new products are planned.

The project was part of the second application phase, which ended on 13 April and the analysis of the selected ones is ongoing.

Navigator is also involved as a partner in other agendas, namely the development of new genetic materials for a more productive and sustainable forest, the recycling of industrial waste, the robotisation of internal logistics operations, and the digital transformation of forestry value chains. and in the digital transformation and ecological design of logistics and transport networks.

In these projects, the company made an investment commitment of EUR 14.2 million.

The group will continue to prepare five applications as part of component C11 – Reducing Industrial CO2, initiatives to “reduce 327,000 tonnes of direct and indirect CO2 emissions in all its industrial centers by 2026, anticipating the targets set.

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