Nuno Homem de Sán’s girlfriend comments on TVI’s failure and asks: “Correct the results …”

Score investment The popularity of the third week of the Big Brother – Final Challenge was revealed this Thursday, May 12th. reality tv show.

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As we’ve said here, TVI’s graphics on Big Brother’s Instagram page illustrate the “failure” of placing Nuno Homem de Sá incorrectly in 7th place with 30% of the negative votes when this belongs to António Bravo because it had a lower percentage. (29%) as an actor.

This flaw, which has not yet been properly corrected on the program’s Instagram page, motivates criticism from followers and the public reaction of Nuno Homem de Sán’s girlfriend Frederica Lima, who made the request in this sense: “With the right and automatic votes, Nuno was in 6th place and not 7th. The one who was 7th was António, meaning it should be António’s least-held podium. I’m not boring, I’m fair. Correct the results“, it can be read.

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