Pregnant Filipa Nascimento is responsible for receiving an alert about a sushi meal

Wednesday night, Filipa Nascimento shared some sushi pieces with fans. However, the actress – who is pregnant for the first time – seems to have received a warning from fans.

“Coming from a tiring trip and enjoying sushi at home is really something”wrote in the description of the picture.

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The next day, after receiving the messages, the actress left a text on the subject, as pregnant women are not advised to eat the uncooked fish set in some pieces of sushi.

“Those who are worried about my health, relax… When I order sushi, there are several options and I don’t have to eat everything! Anyway, when you find out I ordered sushi, you also notice that not everything is raw fish. ”highlighted.

Remember that Filipa Nascimento is pregnant with her first child Duarte Gomes. Currently, you can see a couple in SIC soap operas. The actress gives life to “Mel” in the movie “Cupid, Cupid,” and the actress plays Gabriel’s role in “Por Ti.”

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