Prince William violates the royal protocol by hugging a man (in tears) – Observer

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Prince William broke the royal protocol during his two-day visit to Scotland on Wednesday. The Duke of Cambridge hugged To William Burns, a 66-year-old man who was visibly enthusiastic when meeting the second consecutive British throne, as it shows A photo shared on Twitter – with text reminiscent of her mother, Princess Diana.

There is no mandatory code of conduct for greeting a member of the royal familybut tradition dictates that the public should bow down or just give a polite handshake to the royalty.

The older generations of the monarchy may consider the lack of contact with subjects to be a way of showing a Status superior – a hand behind his back, “even by a well-meaning dignitary,” is able to “provoke indignation,” as the Daily Mail points out.


The moment came after Kate and William visited the Wheatley Group Institute, which helps socially disadvantaged people, including the homeless.

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