Remedy reveals Alan Waken on Switch and other news with a birthday video!

Alan Wake It will be 12 years since its first release this week, and in honor of it, Remedy has shared a video that no fan of the game should simply miss. In addition to telling stories about the game’s past, the video also tells news about the sequel and confirms the game’s Remaster port. Alan Wake For Nintendo Switches.

The main parts of the video see the faces of Sam Lake, Remedy’s boss and the first Max Payne, with actor Ilkka Villi. Alan Wake and Matthew Porretta, the voice of the character.

The interview begins with confirmation of the first launch Alan Wake On a Nintendo PDA, but without a release date or window. It is just a very modest development structure.

Then we have stories and anecdotes about the development of the games, both the original and its sequel. Speaking of the creation process Alan Wake 2new concept images will be released that confirm how it emphasizes more horror:

Another important piece of information brought in by video is that Alan Wake It will become a TV series. The rights were bought for production by AMC, which is responsible for The Walking Dead series.

Sam Lake closes the video warning that it will not become news Alan Wake 2 in June (summer in the USA). He argues that the game is progressing very well and that much of it is already playable, and that’s why he wants to keep the team focused on creating the game, avoiding the distractions caused by events and disclosure for the time being.

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