Researchers at Oxford are testing prostate and ovarian cancer vaccines

Researchers at Oxford Vacmedix, a pharmaceutical company set up by Oxford University researchers in the UK, are testing a vaccine against prostate, lung and ovarian cancer in volunteers.

The vaccine is designed to attack a protein called survivin, which is released by cancer cells and prevents the human body from attacking them. According to the company, the immunizer has been developed through a synthetic version of a protein that teaches the body to attack a substance and recognize tumors.

The formula is being evaluated in 35 cancer patients in the UK. All receive three doses every two weeks and are followed for six months. Although the vaccine is being tested for these three types of cancer, it is expected to work for everyone else.

Participants will receive three doses of the vaccine every two weeks and will be monitored for six months for changes in the cancer and possible side effects.

Although initial results have shown promise in earlier stages of testing, the researchers say this moment requires caution because volunteers need to be monitored over time for any long-term side effects. The studies also show the effect of the immunizer on the survival of the participants.

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