Roger Schmidt and Ajax title: “They have better conditions” – Benfica

German PSV coach says his competitor has a bigger budget and a fair champion

Roger Schmidt reacted to the victory of the Dutch championship from competitors Ajax, who bush (5-0) for Heerenveen made PSV’s 3-2 victory over NEC useless. “All the champions deserve a championship because they are in the lead after 34 matches, in this case 33,” began the German coach who will guide Benfica next season. Roger Schmidt is a little depressed about his second place finish – four points behind and only one round left – Roger Schmidt praised the positive aspects of this season. “This year we played better than the first year and we were closer to the championship, it was tougher because we managed to keep everything open until the second to final round,” he said, noting the differences from his competitor. “Fighting Ajax is always a huge challenge, they have the best conditions to be a championship. In most cases, teams with a bigger budget win the championship, so it’s everywhere, but there’s always a small chance. At best, we believed, but in the end we have to accept that they were four points better than us, “Schmidt said with satisfaction.

Author: Nuno Miguel Ferreira


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