Rui Costa warns Coins: “You have to take it with us more often”

Lisbon Mayor Carlos Moedas received Benfica’s women’s team on Thursday after the title of national champions was reaffirmed.

The Red Party arrived at City Hall at 6:30 p.m., where dozens of fans were waiting. In addition to the players and their staff, the President of the Eagles, Rui Costa, went to the main hall and recently reminded Coins of the presence of the European Youth League champions in the same place.

“This is the second time a week he welcomed us. You have to take it with us more often. It’s one of our big goals. This project is four years old, where we started in Division II. Since then we have won two championships and the third escaped from us covid- Because of 19, when we led the championship, “began in the words of the red leader.

Rui Costa also highlighted Benfica’s work in developing women’s sports.

“As the largest institution in the country, we have paid attention to women’s sports. As president, I am proud to lead the only club with six women’s sports. We also have an Olympic project and rugby. We are going to grow in gender equality, ”he stressed.

Carlos Moedas, for his part, emphasized the importance of diversity in sport and the victory of the second championship.

“Thank you to the whole team. It is a pleasure and a privilege to welcome you here. This is a place full of history. Benfica’s history intersects with the history of democracy. Your victory is the victory of a generation and your symbol. The strength of the diversity and multiculturalism you represent,” he said.

The mayor also stressed the growth of women’s football in the country. “You are pioneers and it has a huge responsibility. They are pioneers for a generation that will change everything. You will take football to a new level. In a few years, women’s football will be much bigger.

After the speeches, the Benfica team offered the players a signed jersey and a silver copy of the Estádio da Luz, and in return received a picture of the city’s patron saint, St. Anthony.

Benfica captain Sílvia Rebelo then presented the trophy of the national champion on the balcony.

Remember, the incarnations backed championship last Sunday after winning Sporting 3-1. Two rounds after the end of the championship, Benfica has 36 points, nine more than the second-place lions.

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