Stromp Group chairman attacks João Pinheiro: “The lynx’s eye has evolved into a dragon’s eye” – Sporting

In an opinion article in the Sporting newspaper, Tito Arantes Fontes considers the Braga referee to be “the undisputed godfather of the FCP in this championship”.

The chairman of the Stromp Group believes that the goal against FC Porto against Benfica was annulled, “is a metaphor for this championship!” Tito Arantes Fontes goes further and classifies João Pinheiro as “FCP’s undisputed ‘godfather'” in the final league in an opinion article in the Sporting newspaper. The leader of Sporting’s co-workers group again appeals to the aforementioned Braga judge in connection with the deportation of Coates in Dragão after an offer with Tarem – “promoted that it was his farce!” “The paint is nullified by” incredible “two centimeters! Who would have thought? Who even saw – even more in motion – this” microscopic distance “? ! And who saw him … because he saw the two centimeters that define this championship! Look and guarantee … above all because the ball – in the “frame” published by Cidade do Futebol / FPF – had already left it in. But João Pinheiro, we all know, we all know, he sees it well… so well that in the game between FCP and SCP in Dragão he also saw ‘Coates steps on Tarem and Taremi steps on Coates… Then Coates and Taremi would turn yellow – represented that it was his farce! – virginally liberated! That is – let us all be aware of this – we are in a fantastic and p. not in my eyes “! And how well João Pinheiro, the undisputed “godfather” of the FCP in these championships, played and continues to play this disgusting role!

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