Summary of “Amor Amor”: Valentine was violently attacked at the publishing house

Valentine realizes there is a character in the office. He is scared and asks if anyone is there. The figure progresses in the dark and the singer throws him hot coffee. Pepe pushes him against the wall and hits him in the face, causing him to fall asleep.

Ricky steps into a cafe and undresses for Tânia Patrícia, who is amazed to watch the stage with her idol artist. Jaime’s granddaughter screams, which almost makes Ricky jump back. The artist invites Tânia Patrícia to the stage.

Ricky is worried about his father, he just wants to know if he’s safe because he’s dreamed of losing him. Romeo tells his son he is safe and asks him to be worried.

Tó Quim talks on the radio about the latest news from the country. It reveals André’s accident that crashed into a drunken wall and Tânia Patrícia’s reputation.

Sandra is sitting in a wheelchair and Angela is behind her combing her hair. Ângela takes her cell phone and watches a video by Tânia Patrícia.

America enters the burger shop looking a little scary. We see a man with a hat, back turned, approaching his table. Romeu’s maid asks him how he got his cell phone number. Pepe invents the story, and America tells her that the only woman who came into the house was Ricky’s aunt. Pepe pays him well for telling him everything he knows.

Gina and Jaime watch Tânia Patrícia’s video, but they don’t know how to react.

Valentim has an ice bag on his face, and his beating is marked. He claims that once done in a publishing house, he has the right to see pictures from the cameras. Pepe says they broke down yesterday due to a malfunction. Valentine realizes they were the ones who hit her and tells Angela to cancel it.

Later, Pepe tells Angela that Ricky’s aunt is with Romeo to testify against her in court. Angela is furious about what Maria Jacinta might know about her.

Gabriel steps into the house to help André, who has a headrest and a cut in his other eyebrow. André asks him for pills for a headache, but when he sees Leandro and Mel, he asks for another pill in a disgruntled tone. They say he has an alcohol problem and needs help.

Mel quarrels with Ricky because Romeo needs encouragement and he should tell her about his aunt’s appearance. She is afraid to ruin everything, but ends up calling her father, who is moved by the good news and hopes this will help him in court.

After receiving a call from an unknown number, Maria Jacinta leaves the house without anyone seeing her.

Sandra answers her father’s call and says she just found a suspicious locked safe on the floor of Angela’s room.

Maria Jacinta rises from the table at the burger restaurant as Ângela introduces herself, but Angela holds her by the hand and says she knows she’s living on the brink of misery. He offers him money so he can keep quiet about the conversations he had with his sister before his death. Will Ricky’s aunt accept the offer?

* The summary of the episode may change depending on the edition of the soap opera

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