Surprise! Cristina Ferreira bets on an actress who has been away from TVI for 15 years

Cristina Ferreira took another stunt up his sleeve and bets on an actor who has been away from TVI for 15 years. The presenter surprised everyone and everything as he began to reveal on TVI some of the names of the actors who give life to the soap opera “Rua das Flores”. Now, the director of entertainment and fiction at Queluz Station has also invited Rita Lello to the plot, which will be shown at 7 p.m.

The actress, Maria do Céu Guerra’s daughter, thus returns to fiction on channel four after 15 years of her last project – Ilen dos Amores, a telenovela sent in 2007 – to play Hortênsia, Dalia’s mother (character Inês). Faria) and Fernando (actress Carlos Cunha) in Rua das Flores. “After a long absence, your arrival will surprise the whole street. It ‘s not to be missed at 7 pm in your soap opera, “TVI said in a statement on Monday 9.

Ana Bola, José Pedro Gomes, Eduardo Madeira, Matilde Breyner, Paula Neves, Julie Sargeant, Joaquim Horta, David Carreira – whose participation was in danger of not being realized – Patrícia Tavares and Paulo Futre are other names that belong to the actors. TVI’s plot. And there was one more surprise. Cristina Ferreira also invited Bernardo Sousa, the grand winner of “Big Brother Famosos,” to experience the world of representation for the first time.

Text: Carolina Sousa; Photos: Social networks

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