Techs lead slip on Wall Street – Bolsa

The Dow Jones Industrial Index ended the session on Wednesday down 1.02% to 31,834.11 points.

Standard & Poor’s 500, on the other hand, fell 1.65% to 3,935.18 points, again breaking the 4,000-point level it had managed to restore yesterday – and reached its lowest point in March 2021.

Nasdaq Composite technology fell 3.18% to 11,364.24 points.

Wall Street indices finally succumbed to a new session of high volatility after consumer price index data released today in April showed that inflation in the United States will remain high for some time to come – a challenge for the US Federal Reserve. its job is to try to control the rise in prices.

Although the annual CPI has cooled slightly since March – indicating a peak may have already been reached – the details of a report released on Wednesday painted a slightly more problematic picture as monthly numbers grew more than expected.

There are growing fears that the US Federal Reserve will not be able to stop the rise in inflation – which is at its peak in four decades – without feeding the US economy into recession.

The technology companies were among the listed companies with the most pressure, in a dealership that shook Nasdaq giants like Tesla and Apple.

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