The best Moto G family phones in history

The Moto G Series is one of Motorola’s biggest successes in Brazil and globally. This is because the Lenovo-owned brand has managed to sell more than 100 million models worldwide, 40 million of which are here in the country alone.

But what are the most significant cell phones in this family? What features of these Moto Gs increased sales to the point that this model is so striking to the company and the public?

See all the answers in the article and feel the nostalgia to remember the biggest hits of the Moto G series.

Moto G

The first successful broker

Launched in late 2013, the first-generation Moto G was a game changer in the mobile market. This is because the device provided the public with a number of distinctions that offered users the transition from a simple mobile phone to a smartphone.

The fluid system, beautiful settings, colorful rear end, among other features, helped make the Moto G the first smart device for many Brazilians. Intermediate technical data allowed the user experience to be balanced for a surprisingly long time.

After all, the device had a Snapdragon 400 platform, 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage. While these regulations are not surprising today, it was a big step in the industry at the time.

For those who switched from a feature phone – the famous “tijolão” – to a smartphone, it was the easiest and cheapest way to make such a change here in Brazil, and it’s no coincidence that the device did so well in the country. .

Moto G2

The first on digital television

While the Moto G2 4G (2nd Generation) doesn’t have many options that would characterize it as the high evolution of the G1, it made a difference that drew more attention from the audience switching to the smartphone.

This device was the brand’s first to feature digital TV, and using a mobile phone to watch your favorite TV channels anywhere was a big differentiator. The feature helped a lot to increase the versatility of the product.

The display was another highlight, as that’s when we started seeing Motorola’s riskier bets. As a result, the G2 got a 5-inch screen and was used more on the front than its predecessor.

Another important feature for the public that makes sense for those looking for a cell phone on a TV was the introduction of dual speakers in stereo playback. As a result, the smartphone has become a very smart and attractive multimedia hub.

Moto G4 Plus

Fingerprint reader and more powerful cameras

The Moto G4 Plus was one of the biggest evolutionary leaps in the Moto G family since Lenovo acquired it in 2014. This device brought several new features to an already popular and consolidated family in the Brazilian market.

The generation launched in 2016 also marked the availability of the fingerprint reader, a biometric system widely used today. The feature came in a square tray on the front of the mobile phone and attracted attention at first glance.

Another point that stood out in the G4 Plus was the 5.5-inch screen. This larger display format was a big difference for those who watched more videos on YouTube as well as movies and series on other streaming platforms.

In addition, the G4 Plus got adjustments to the photography section to make it more flexible to use in good lighting. For this purpose, Motorola applied a 16-megapixel sensor to the rear lens and brought the mobile phone to a new level within the intermediate class.

Moto G7 Power

The bigger battery was its separator

The Moto G7 Power entered the market in 2019 and surprised by offering a more durable battery for those looking for a smartphone focused on independence, as keeping it away from the outlet for several hours or days was a welcome difference.

The 5,000 mAh capacity of this device allowed the audience to experience all its built-in features without worrying about continuous charging. In the hands of some, it was possible to enjoy up to 2 days away from the charger.

In addition to the highlight of autonomy, the Moto G7 Power also surprised the old desire of Moto G Series users: The hardware brought a fingerprint sensor inside the logo on the back of its generation mobile phone.

In the past, this biometric feature was affixed under the logo, and this always caused the public to confuse the Motorola icon with the physical unlock option of the phone. By changing the position of this feature, it was possible to enjoy a more subdued look behind the product.

The 6.2-inch “Max Vision” format display on the front was followed by a notch that had the same format that Apple has adopted on its iPhone since 2017. In photography, the adjustments of the sole sensor at the rear allowed for a more stable examination. Shooting options.

Moto G100

Arrival of Ready For mode

The Moto G100 was a pleasant surprise on the 10th generation of the Moto G Series. This is because the smartphone managed to stand out from all the brands already launched, especially in terms of features.

Known for its triple lens range, which looks quadruple thanks to its square-shaped module, the G100 brought great photographic news to Motorola in 2021. One of them was the 64-megapixel main cell, where it was possible to explore versatility when shooting. use.

Not only because of the image quality, but also because this lens is a hybrid and allows macro shooting – closer to the subjects – in a way that takes full advantage of the sharpness offered by the Omnivision OV64B sensor.

Moto G100 (Photo: Ivo / Canaltech)

Another eye-catching element was the illuminated ring in one lens – ring light style – which helped to improve the lighting of subjects in low light so that the quality of the photo was even better.

And as if all of these options weren’t enough, the premium broker arrived with the Snapdragon 870 platform to compete directly with several Xiaomi models and even delivered the Ready For device as a difference.

This tool is currently the main competitor to Samsung DeX, as it allows you to connect your mobile phone to a TV or monitor to mirror the screen, as well as transition to a new form of use as a multimedia center, computer and even laptop. console.

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