The Dead Space remake gets its release date

remake empty space is already the debut day and intimidate the new generation of players. Developer EA Motive, from Star Wars: Squadronsannounced this Thursday (12th) during a live broadcast that empty space will be published on January 27, 2023.

Renovated with Frostbite from the start, the horror game is the next-generation exclusive game that only lands on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC. Watch the full live broadcast and all the news:

faithful to the origin

empty space promises to stay true to the immersive vision of the classic sci-fi survival horror game. The remake offers enhanced sound and a sharp visual image that has been redesigned to bring immersion and quality to a new level.

senior producer empty space, Phillippe Ducharme noted that developing the remake was a lot of fun for the Motive team. “We’re real franchise fans and we want to treat it with the respect it deserves. It was just as exciting to see the players’ reactions as we took them on this development journey with us,” he said.

“We’re making great strides towards Alpha and we’re excited to announce that the game will be released in January next year. We’re excited about players, both old and new, to see how we enhance the original experience in the remake, which makes it so impressive to this generation.”

Full HDR and dynamic lighting change new Dead Space scenarios (Photo: Handout / EA)

more sinking

empty space puts players in the position of Isaac Clarken, an ordinary engineer, with the routine task of repairing a massive mining ship, the USG Ishimura. But a living nightmare awaits Ishimura. The ship’s crew has been slaughtered and infected, and Isaac’s girlfriend Nicole is missing. Alone and trapped, only with his tools and engineering skills, he faces a struggle for survival – not just against the horrific Necromorphs monsters, but also against his own broken mind.

Also live empty spaceThe Motive team has provided the first details of how the remake has evolved visually, and updates the original props, with tools, environments, and other rebuilt polishes and details to suit the next generation of hardware and computers.

In addition, by combining dynamic and volume lighting with atmospheric and ambient visual images in full HDR mode, empty space lets players explore USG Ishimura’s frighteningly cramped and dark corridors by immersing themselves in an unprecedented game series.

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