the fight against dengue fever in Parobe is intensified – Repercussion Paranhana

Controlling the Aedes aegypti mosquito and preventing the formation of dengue fever has always been a concern for the Environmental Health Surveillance Agency, Parobé City Hall. Despite all the efforts of the perpetrators to combat endemic diseases and community health issues, the city has a high number of infected people, which prompted City Hall to step up efforts to eradicate mosquitoes.

Recent activities included the use of insecticides in several areas of the city, promoted by Fumacê, a state-supplied vehicle. There were four application rounds, for a total of up to one month in residential areas defined by the State Ministry of Health, based on the locations with the highest reported cases. In addition to dengue, the Ministry of Health emphasizes that combating the spread of dengue is still important to prevent the spread of yellow fever, Chikungunya and Zikavirus and other diseases caused by the mosquito Aedes aegypti.

According to Health Minister Ana Elisa de Lima, the town hall has played its part, but the responsibility for controlling the mosquito lies with everyone. “We need the population to help us by conducting this inspection at home and preventing that place from providing a favorable environment for mosquito laying. By reducing the vector population, we will have a better response to the reduction in dengue cases, “he stressed.” there is also a team that only works to respond to residents’ complaints about possible locations for a dengue epidemic, “explained Cleber Roldão, endemic disease control agent and field supervisor.” We are a reference, even at the state level, in the fight against dengue fever, ”Cleber added.

Surveillance also directs the population to seek medical attention when symptoms such as high fever, headache, back pain in the eye, muscle pain, red spots on the skin, fatigue and malaise occur.

New radar operations

Following the intensification of new and increasing cases of dengue fever, despite numerous measures taken by City Hall, mosquito control will be strengthened in the coming days. “This week we did a quick index survey to see which neighborhoods are most contaminated by mosquitoes, and starting next week we will be circling the streets with a voice car recorded by Mayor Diego Picucha explaining the situation as very critical and asking for people to cooperate,” Roldão described. “In addition, we will be with all actors to fight endemic diseases and with all health actors representing 35 people, and we will work together in all homes, starting with the most polluted areas,” Cleber added.

The fight against dengue fever also involves action over the weekend. The environmental health control team will take care of delivering leaflets to the city’s traffic lights and confirming mosquito control guidelines.

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