The Google Pixel tablet for entertainment will not arrive until 2023

During the hardware launch of Google I / O, the company teased a new product called the Google Pixel Tablet, a high-end device running on Android that is expected to be released sometime next year.

THE Google is trying to return to the tablet market after Pixel Slatea was widely criticized, and then the company stopped making tablets. Now the search engine giant has confirmed its upcoming Pixel Tablet at Google I / O 2022.

During the hardware demo of Google I / O, the company released a teaser for a new product called Google Pixel tabletwhich is a high quality Android powered device expected to be released sometime next year.

Rick Osterloh, director of devices and services at Google, said next Pixel tablets is a premium device equipped with chips tensioner the company’s custom models that are similar to the latest smartphones in the series pixels.

It looks like the company is making this new device a consumer-centric gadget, especially for entertainment and consumption, rather than focusing on work. Apart from this, nothing is known about the upcoming tablet, not even details about the screen size, memory configuration, camera sensor or software features.

But the renderings revealed what we should expect in terms of design. Based on the following rendered Google Pixel tablet the screen presented by the company appears to have been taken from Google’s Nest Hub.

The Google Pixel for entertainment will not arrive until 2023 2

In the software department Pixel tablets uses the bundled Android operating system, but a special version built for larger screens. The company also promised to rebuild more than 20 of its own applications for large-screen devices and some of the most popular third-party applications, such as Facebook, TikTok, Zoom and others are also optimized.

Because Pixel tablets is still far from the official release, it is too early to learn more about the product. However, we expect to see tablet-related leaks online in the coming months.

Pixel Watch has already been officially introduced

Google has just unveiled several new products, one of which is Pixel Watch. It is round, simple and focuses on fitness features. Google advertises it as a “smart watch for everyone.” We have to wait until we get it in our hands to get more information, but it seems to be a promising competitor to Apple Watch. Stay tuned for more information!

After several leaks and rumors, Google will officially introduce the new Pixel Watch – the first smart watch the company has designed for itself. Google doesn’t want to reveal too much technical detail yet, and Google I / O just brought the first preview of the new wearable.

Google Pixel Watch

The fact that Google is working on a new smart watch has been no secret after a curious leak at the restaurant. So at an early stage, it became clear that the smartwatch would play a role in Google I / O – even if it’s only a small role. In the first preview of Pixel’s novelties of 2022, the research firm confirmed the best-kept secret in the design of the Pixel Watch – the round, curved and tangible crown.

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