“The last issue brought me together with my mother …”

This Wednesday, May 11, contestants from the Big Brother – Final Challenge gathered in the room for a split moment where they will reveal less positive traits about themselves.

Ana Barbosa could not control her emotions as she recalled the difficult relationship between her father and mother: “I did not live well with my father. Always tried to destroy me, walk behind me. Life with my mother was not easy because I could not forgive my mother“he stressed.

The winner of the Big Brother 2021 contest recalled in tears reality tv show helped get a better bond with his mother: “The last edition brought me and my mother together, I’m really happy about it. I have a wonderful man, I live in Switzerland, I have a daughter and I didn’t want children, but the living conditions gave me a daughter and I’m happy because if I didn’t have children, I would never know what problem I had.“.

Today I am very happy, I have returned to Big Brother with these people, I enjoy this game…“, said Ana Barbosa, who wrote”requirement“yes”impulsiveness“as its defining aspects.

Watch the video here.

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