The multinational company recruits 530 employees to work from anywhere in the country

Sitel Group, a US multinational leading company Customer Experience Management (CX), recruited 530 new employees on a telecommuting basis in May. The company allows employees to work from home, in any country.

Those interested in getting to know the company better can join Open Day Virtual Sitel on Facebook (link here), scheduled for May 20 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

In a statement sent to MINHO, Sitel Group explains that it is looking for applicants whose mother tongues are Portuguese, Spanish, English, French, Italian, German, Danish, Finnish and Norwegian.

The application should perform functions at the level Customer service, Support service and Social media tourism, banking, automotive, aviation, logistics and e-commerce.

“Although applications from those who already have technical skills in the field Customer serviceSitel provides new employees with the necessary training to enable them to perform their work at the highest level, ”the press release emphasizes.

“The arrival of new customers often also requires the arrival of new employees so that we can respond in the most appropriate way. Therefore, when we enter the recruitment process, we give priority to applicants who already have some form of training, experience or ability to serve the public, but this is not a mandatory requirement, as all Sitel employees receive extensive training, as this is the only way to ensure qualified and specialized professionals. ” , says Benedita Miranda, Director general Sitel from Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece. “Our employees are a mirror of our company, and that’s why we trust them to help our customers succeed,” Benedita Miranda concludes.

THE Open Day VirtualMay 20, will allow applicants to get to know the Sitel Group better in Portugal, where “our new concept telephone exchangeyou Max Hubitcompany’s main programs: Health and Wellness SitelFit and Empower Centercompetence development programs.

Applicants selected for teleworking will have access to a specific solution websites at home, which allows employees to connect with the rest of the Sitel team in real time; you get access to a multi-channel solution and are able to communicate through, among other things, voice, chat, social media; get online training in real time, send emails, hold video conferences securely.

Sitel currently employs 4,000 people in Portugal and works with world-renowned brands in sectors such as technology, travel and tourism, finance, electronics, automotive, banking and softwarewhich offers comprehensive customer service capabilities and multi-channel solutions.

Sitel recruits continuously throughout the year to meet the challenges posed by its customers.

You can apply for a job by sending an email to: [email protected]

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