The order calls for an “urgent” reduction in the retirement age in the face of the “risk and rapid wear and tear” occupation.

Today, Thursday 12 May, is International Nursing Day. At the time, Multinews spoke with Ana Rita Cavaco, President of the Ordem dos Enfermeiros (OE), about the main problems in the industry.

The official first mentions the salary he considers “unacceptable” in relation to the work done and the number of hours worked. “The number of working hours per week for a nurse is almost 70,” she emphasizes.

“Most nurses earn 1,200 euros gross, meaning they take home less than 1,000 euros a month. It’s not an acceptable salary, especially for a highly technical profession, ”he argues, adding that“ most nurses are legalized and 34 percent are experts ”.

In addition, matters such as the return of points or the lowering of the retirement age are considered “urgent” and “priority” by the President, in the same way as there is a vision for the profession.

“Points urgently need to be returned to nurses and it is paramount to move towards lowering the retirement age,” he points out, asking that “it is definitively assumed that we have before us a profession that needs to be considered. Risky and tiring.” fast”.

Because of these problems, which do not make the profession “attractive” to Portuguese nurses, thousands of people have decided to leave the country after the start of the pandemic in Portugal.

“Since the start of Pandmia in 2020, more than 2,000 nurses have requested notification of the order for emigration purposes,” says Ana Rita Cavaco, stressing that “OE received a total of 2,143 notification requests: 1,230 in 2020 and 913 in 2021.” at the end, “he points out.

When asked about the government’s position on the problems and demands of the class, the president “welcomed” the commitment made by Deputy Secretary of State and Health António Lacerda Sales.

Ruler, “on the last day of the Nursing Congress, last weekend, he promised to appreciate the careers of nurses by compensating for lost points, ”he revealed. “We are delighted to see this promise and look forward to it,” decide.

These claims are supported by a recent study over the last two years on the living and working conditions of nurses in Portugal, which found that almost two thirds have already considered changing careers due to working conditions and six out of ten have to work. overtime due to low pay.

The survey also found that 67% of nurses did not like a son or daughter according to their profession, half would not recommend a nurse’s life to a friend and 66% did not consider their salary acceptable, as Ana Rita Cavaco said.

In addition, the study also found that 55% of nurses admit to having acted in violation of ethical rules and standards of conduct due to material limitations or institutional guidelines, a conclusion the president did not want to comment on. “This question needs to be put to the board because it’s a lack of material and nurses,” he just underlined.

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