The prisoner escaped from prison with the prison guard he fell in love with. Two weeks later, the escape ended in tragedy – Observer

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After more than two weeks a a medial prison that included a love story with a prison guardthe American prisoner returned to prison this week after a dramatic chase that ended in the suspect’s surrender and the agent’s suicide that allowed him to escape.

The story dates back to April 29, when prisoner Casey White left Lauderdale County Prison in Alabama with prison guard Vicky White (who, despite her common nickname, was not her family). alleged entry into court in connection with your case.

It was later realized that this appearance in court had been an excuse invented by a prison guard to direct Casey White’s escape. According to The New York Times, Vicky White was another person in the prison’s internal hierarchy as deputy director of repairs, which meant that he was responsible for arranging for the transport of prisoners to the courts, if necessary.

Casey White was serving a 75-year prison sentence for various crimes committed in 2015, including shooting and car theft. In addition, the man was awaiting trial for stabbing a 58-year-old woman – after she was charged with murder in 2020.


inside, Casey and Vicky are in love and they had been in a relationship for about two years. Vicky White recently decided to retire – which the U.S. authorities found strange, as the agent was only 56 years old and would not yet have any retirement benefits.

During the last day of her work, Vicky arranged for an escape and arranged for Casey to go to court for due diligence related to the man’s pending murder trial. The video surveillance material of the prison shows that the prison guard is taking the prisoner, dressed in an orange coverall and handcuffs on the arms and legs, for a police car.

A warning was issued later, and authorities even offered up to $ 10,000 for information that led to the arrest of Casey White.

The search ended this week more than 450 miles from Evansville, Indiana, where police parked next to the motel spotted a car where they were fleeing. As the duo left the apartment by car, police chased them in an operation that ended in a violent collision. The moment he realized he had been imprisoned by the authorities, the guard Vicky White shot himself in the head, while the escaped prisoner decided to surrender to the police.

Casey White returned to prison this week and authorities are ensuring he will be placed under additional control measures to prevent further escapes.

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