Tiago Jaqueta returns to “Casados” after betraying Dina Guedes and makes surprising revelations

Tiago Jaqueta remarried at first sight, In the latest section of the SIC program. The Sesimbra businessman, who has already admitted that he had betrayed his then bride Dina Guedes with Anna Cherepanova from Russia, was invited to a meeting with some program colleagues.

So he revealed with Uica, João and Bruno how it is between him and Dina:Not often, but we have even discussed to resolve… We have spoken three times in recent weeks. We managed to chat calmly, but I’ve tried not to eat and I think he’s done too, but deep down they both just want to be out of the environment that was left out. Even you were shocked. “

Regarding the controversial confirmation ceremony, Tiago explained: “I was ‘not going to talk’ …” Dina talks a lot with her lips, she’s sorry to say these things. It was really ugly, one thing I thought was that I didn’t want to go out that way. ”

When asked to continue the relationship, he said sharply, “No. I’m honest with you, I tried to go talk to him, even ‘Do you want to go there?’ I apologize to everyone. ”Not as a couple, but we said we both had a bad time” and he started to come in from the other side and go look for things more about the relationship. I feel like he hasn’t survived this yet. I think we’ve already hurt each other so much that it’s no longer worth it.

Finally, in a discussion with the production, he emphasized: “I would love to go back to the presentation, the context is that I don’t know if it would be ideal because I wanted things to be different with Dina. And I think Dina thinks the same way that she wanted to enjoy the experience more. But it ended there, and it didn’t make sense for either of us to demand it anymore. “

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