Ukraine. Russian gas flows to Europe suspended

Ukraine has cut off the flow of natural gas from Russia through the Sokhranivka gas pipeline, one of the main supply routes to Europe, which accounts for about a third of Russian pipeline gas delivered to the old continent.

The Ukrainian gas network operator (GTSOU) revealed in a statement issued this Tuesday that it had decided to suspend operations on this important point with European partners “due to the involvement of the occupying forces”.

“As a result of the Russian Federation’s military offensive against Ukraine, several GTSOU facilities are located in an area temporarily under Russian control and occupation,” a statement quoted by CNN as saying. Russia’s interference, including the unauthorized diversion of gas, “has jeopardized the stability and security of the system,” he adds.

Ukraine has suggested that gas could be transported through Sudzha, a major storage and shipping station in the north of the country, making Russian Gazprom, which has a monopoly on Russian gas pipeline exports, “technically impossible.”

“Gazprom has not received any confirmation of the force majeure, nor does it see any obstacles to continuing the work,” Sergei Kuprianov, a spokesman for the Russian company, told Telegram. According to Gazprom, “Ukrainian experts have so far worked in Sokhranivka, and there is nothing to stop them from continuing their work.”

“Transit through Sokhranivka has been fully implemented, there have been no complaints from either side, nor has there been any,” the Russian company continued. “Gazprom is fully meeting its obligations to European consumers, supplying gas in accordance with the agreement and the operators, the transit services have been paid for in full.”

This decision by Ukraine is the first measure that could affect Russia’s natural gas supplies since the attack began on 24 February and could force Moscow to shift gas flows to European customers.

The change affected European natural gas prices, U.S. media said it rose 5% on Wednesday morning but has since fallen on Tuesday, according to Rystad.

Oil prices, which have fallen about 9% since Friday, shook the news, and Brent and U.S. crude oil prices rose about 3% on Wednesday. U.S. natural gas prices rose 5% on Tuesday and another 1% on Wednesday.

War crimes charges Ukraine is advancing in the first war crimes trials in Ukraine, the Ukrainian justice minister has revealed.

The charges target three Russian prisoners of war accused of assaulting or murdering civilians, as well as a soldier allegedly killed by a man before the sexual exploitation of his wife.

The prosecutor’s office headed by Iryna Venediktova of Ukraine has reported more than 10,000 crimes since the start of the war, and a handful of cases have already been shelved or ready to be prosecuted, marking a two-month turning point. .

Among the accused is Vadim Shishimarin. The commander of the 4th Armored Division of the 4th Armored Division of the Kantemirovskaya Guard from the Moscow region is sitting in a shipyard responsible for the alleged murder of a civilian in the Sumy region, northeastern Ukraine, the justice minister wrote. Facebook social network account.

According to the prosecutor’s investigation, on February 28, 21-year-old Shishimarin killed an unarmed man riding a bicycle along the road in the city of Chupajivka.

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