USA: A man died of a heart attack while burying a strangled victim

Police responded to the unconscious man’s case in the city of Trenton and, on arrival at their home, found 60-year-old Joseph McKinnon already lifeless, confirmed Edgefield County Sheriff Jody Rowland and a doctor. -Coroner, David Burnett.

“McKinnon had no signs of trauma, and we suspect he died of natural causes,” the statement said.

“While investigating the death and notifying family members, police found another body in the ditch just dug. Patricia Ruth Dent, 65, from the same address who appears to have died as a result of the crime.”

The three were found tied up and wrapped in garbage bags in a ditch. Autopsies reveal the causes of both deaths. Evidence and testimony from witnesses show McKinnon attacked Dent at his home.

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