Veríssimo and the “dream chair” in Benfica: “In the future this door will open again” – Benfica

The coach says he will “pay” to leave Clube da Luz

After made a balance of time before the last game at the helm of Benfica (tomorrow against Paços de Ferreira at 8.15pm), Nélson Veríssimo made no secret that leaving the Luz club “pays”. “Of course it costs, this is the second time I walk through this dream chair. But I know this door will open again in the future. In December, when we joined, the team played differently and we made changes that we think should be made. It’s not easy to make changes while the championship is running, it is natural that the team did not respond effectively in the first games, but we did so with the awareness that this can happen.


Veríssimo confirms the debut of two other young people in P. Ferreira:

According to the record


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